I had my name attached to the words, “Seasoned Slicer”.

I laughed.

If seasoned means salty, that’s me.

And I say this because looking back, I was able to get a TON of comments written. I feel like I’m failing big time with my commenting this year and it’s, to me at least, the most important part of slicing, both for the challenge and in general. It gives writers hope that they aren’t yelling into the abyss and no one is out there to “hear” their stories. For those first year slicers, even more important because if you don’t see those comments, you risk losing the momentum of the moment. Why write if no one cares?

It’s not just commenting. I don’t feel like the ideas are there, that I’m paying attention and just floating through right now. Tired is an understatement, but when you post at 10:30 PM CST, that happens! Ugh!

That word “grace” pops out there, but yet, it’s not as though I am a first timer. I know the drill. How to get blogs going, how to find topics, how to do the work, getting the comments done! But it’s not happening. The word “frustrated” pops out too because this has been a frustrating March so far. Hell, this past year, starting on this very day, last March has been frustrating. But if my students get frustrated, we work to find the cause, the trigger, then work forward. So why now? Why here?

Posting late, commenting late, not writing content that I feel is worth reading, that’s on me. No, this isn’t a cry for help, but just a venting session. People have written about the brain dump writing gives you. This is one of those times. I just don’t feel my best work is coming out and that bothers me. But, life goes on.

So, for those I’ve not commented on, not to worry, I’ll get there. For those who look for that “voice”, not to worry, it will be found again. For those going, “what the hell dude, it’s a blog,” not worry, tomorrow’s writing is about Iowa politics, another fun-filled joy ride if there ever was one!

And for me, relax, don’t force things, and just write. That’s what you tell your students: Keep your fingers on the keyboard and just go. Let the words come. It may take a while, but it will happen. I have faith in you.

Now, go forth and comment! 🙂