Today was a relatively good day. We had no fights. We had no swearing. We had no kids getting sent to the office. We had no kid drama. We had no drama period. Heck, I signed up for my first NCAA March Madness Pool (look up @lucy_rohden on Twitter – the proceeds go to the Iowa Children’s Hospital)!


On top of that, the Covid relief package was passed in the House and Merrick Garland was confirmed as Attorney General. Some days, it’s the little things in life that make it worth while, don’t you think?


Contrast that with my wife’s day. She had a heavy hitter really act out in the morning while she was gone to a meeting. The afternoon led to another heavy hitter having a big old meltdown. This was a crappy day in a week of crappy days. In the Covid year, a solid 25% of her class would be in that heavy hitter category.


So today, when I got home, the wind was blowing, the clouds rolling in, a tornado watch in effect for our area. And we went for a walk. We talked about our day, what we wanted for the rest of the week (she gets her shot Friday), what we wanted this summer (buying a camper or camping out of our truck), and just enjoyed being together. It was nice to reconnect after the day, even if it was over school nonsense! It was much needed for both of us, just to get outside and decompress in the fresh air.

And the rain, yes, we were about a quarter mile from open when the rain started. Thankfully, the heavy rain waited until I was in the barn doing chores.

Amazing how that happens, don’t you think? 🙂