Ok, this is just silly, but I need silly right now. Our President is about to be impeached AGAIN, our governor has basically said kids must get back to school without listening to teachers, and my world is spinning out of control. Silly is good.


My wife and I struggled this year finding gifts for each other this Christmas. Not traveling, not eating out, we’ve saved a ton of money. We’ve also been more liberal in spending money on ourselves as well, and rightfully so. However, this leads to the unintended consequence of the “I really don’t need anything” response for Christmas.


Anyway, we managed to find something for each other. Janet Evanovich has a new book out in her Stephanie Plum series, thus the perfect gift. My wife loves these because they are just silly (there’s that word again). Laugh out loud funny is more like it with the outrageous things that Stephanie gets herself into in each book. They are easy reads, kind of like candy for adults, and while they are repetitive, they are quite entertaining as well.


Me, I love the tech. Last year I get a really nice set of wired ear buds and with unlimited data, I love streaming good music where ever I go. So my wife came up with this gem: a bluetooth stocking cap.


Exactly. I was more that a little skeptical of this little piece of cloth, but being the good husband I gave it a shot. Damn! Now, the speakers aren’t going to rock your world, but they are of great sound quality for what they are. My phone connects quickly and consistently, a huge plus! So, the music, the TikToks, the podcasts, they all flow as I’m out walking or running, which is pretty cool. The best thing about this, they are phone enabled as well!


I know, right?? I’m outside doing chores and my wife calls, I answer it with my hat! Good lord, such first world problems!! However, the sound quality through the dang hat is almost better than with the stupid earbuds?? I mean come on! How can this possibly be? The hat itself is pretty stylish on its own. I can see wearing this without the speakers, but why? 🙂 I can’t wait for the first time I’m walking down the hallway at school and I starting talking to my hat! People are going to give me the side eye BIG TIME!

Like I said, silly for sure, but I’d highly recommend these for those guys in your life who like the tech and who don’t give suggestions for their gifts. It’s about an 8 hour charge, it connects quickly and holds the connection, the hat is stylish, and the sound quality is decent for what it is.

On a side note, I’ll be writing about the book, His Truth is Marching On – John Lewis and The Power of Hope. I’m 70 pages into this book and I’m blown away. If anyone else has read this book, please comment and leave your thoughts. This is a book I can see owning and coming back to when things look bleak.

Anyway, the hat is awesome, the book is tremendous (what I’ve read), and that’s what I need right now in my life, things to look forward to!

But then again, we all need that, don’t we? 🙂