I am Pooh Bear. Stuck


This is what midlife feels like to me right now. My wife and I are both in that position in our lives where we just don’t feel like we are doing anything important. Our kids are raised and out on their own. One daughter is official working for John Deere, the other working to get her degree. Both planning on moving far away from Iowa when and if the opportunity presents itself (a special thanks to those around here and the state level who have pass policies that help our sons and daughters see this as a backward state to leave when they can, but I digress).


And it’s not that we don’t have positive in our lives. The above mentioned daughters have brought great joy to our lives. We each have rewarding careers, to a point. My wife struggles with the idea that her district won’t accept her years at Headstart as years of experience (even though the Headstart program offers so much more than the district program). Myself, our district is going through some financial upheaval with few years offering us not much more than the idea that we have to have change thrust upon us, yet again. If I leave, I’ll take a major pay cut and honestly, who’s going to want to hire a 50 year old teacher who is much more expensive than the 23 year olds coming out of college. I have friends who I’ve taught with for two decades who, because of early retirement, will not be coming back next year as well.

We have a home that is, well, a home. We are comfortable in it and our one project for Covid, replacing our old tub and shower with a combination set with a jacuzzi blowers, is finally done. That wild ride began LAST MAY, having us quitting our plumber, watching the installation date being pushed back twice, then having many of our old pipes being replaced, getting the holes fixed, and finally, everything paid off.


So, what do we do? I’m not sure. I did a 10 day Covid quarantine and sitting at home is NOT the best life choice. However, with Covid around, our choices are so limited right now. I’d love to go visit family. We are “planning” a trip to the East Coast to visit some spots that my wife found with her genealogy searching (she had relatives come over on the Mayflower, with another being accused of being a witch!). I’d love to see a Red Sox game, see the ocean again, and visit her family along the coast. I’d love to see my own family, drink wine with my parents, see my brother and his family, and go bother my daughters.


Yup, if we get Covid out of the way.

So, what have you done when you’ve felt stuck? How have you moved past that feeling of not having a purpose? I love to hear your thoughts.

And if you’ve made it this far, again, thank you! I’ll admit, I love the fact I have many people (no, I’ll not mock myself anymore about readership) who read this and I love the feedback from my work. Have a voice is something I never expected to have and I’m thankful for each person that stops by to both read and comment.


You know it! 🙂