This blog won’t be very long as I really want to get this done on January 1.

My life, in my humble opinion, is a mess of distractions and “SQUIRREL” moments. I feel like I get going on something, then, I’m drawn away by something shiny or loud or musical or whatever. However, I never feel like I’m truly in the moment. There’s been so much time wasted with so many trivial things.

So, my One Little Word for this year is clarity.

I need to find clarity in my work life, so be more connected with my co-workers and students. I don’t feel like that connection is there, so I need clarity to make it work.

I need to find clarity at home. We’ve been having tough conversation lately and the need is there to be here, in this moment, now more than ever. I need to find ways to keep distractions away from us and allow us to grow. The empty nest is great, but being in the moment with my beautiful wife is needed, now more than ever.

But home is more than just my house. I need clarity when dealing with my daughters, my parents, my brother, and sisters-in-law. I can not be distracted from some of the conversations we need to have about life.

And I need clarity in my health. In August, I was so happy with my weight and fitness, then, school. The stress of face to face school with a pandemic has not treated me well. My eating habits have suffered, my exercise has suffered, and thus, my body has suffered as well. I need that clarity to rebuild, again, to create a healthy me for every I mentioned above.

So, clarity. We’ll see how this goes. I turn 50 in April, and I fear if clarity isn’t found, it’s a short road towards personal and health issues.

It’s 2021. It’s go time.