First, Happy New Year’s Eve! Our big event, going out to buy a bottle of champaign that we may drink early then go to bed! If ever there was a year to usher out, this would be the one. However, I’m tired. We’ve had our daughters around, so that’s always a stressor (different schedule, different mode of operation, etc), we’ve repainted two rooms that were cut up due to the installation of a bath tub/shower in our upstairs. The guys doing it were putting in piping and said, “You know, the cast iron piping you have is starting to split, so we should probably take care of that now.”


Well, the cast iron went upstairs from the basement, so they had to cut through two walls, along with stuff we’d all ready wanted done for the bathroom. It looked like DEA agents had been to our house looking for drugs in the wall. BUT, we had that patched and drywalled and texturized, so we spent a couple of days getting everything painted. I’m feeling all of my age right now because I did something to my shoulder (probably sneezed too hard) so my range of motion is garbage.

Anyway, New Year’s Eve will be spend quietly at our house tonight!

As I reviewed experience of the holidays, of the past year, one word came to mind: scattered. I looked through my draft folder and came across blog ideas from 5 years ago that made NO SENSE! So, I started cleaning them out.


Our holidays have been scattered. Our school year, both this past spring and fall have been scattered. Our relationships have been scattered. Our saving grace, this cannot last forever. Let me rephrase that, this feeling of being scattered because of Covid cannot last forever. For me, this feeling is just common place! 🙂


Seriously, those of us in the Gen X generation, have we experienced a total loss of order like this? It just seems like we has a world are all over the place. Covid. The elections. The economy. Racial justice. We’ve not experienced a year like this before. Will it get better? I’m not sure. Something’s been unearthed with all this that will continue to push us to do better, both for ourselves and those around us.

So, again, I wish each of you the most extraordinary of new years. We have the power to create great things. Now, we just need to rediscover that focus, and create the world we are looking for.

Pretty easy, right? 😉