It’s 10:45 PM central time and the “winter storm” has fizzled out.


I love a good winter storm. This one dropped 4″ – 5″ of snow with a little wind. The thing I love about storms like this, the quiet. As I walked outside to feed the dogs, cats, and chickens, it get eerie quiet. The snow dampens everything. The only way you know life is around you is you are seeing birds at the feeder, you hear the “shush” of the snow flowing by you, and you can see the movement in the barn. Otherwise, it’s like a new world.

Snow storms during break are especially good because hey, I don’t have to anywhere! We had dentist appointments, along with buying milk and cat food. After that, it could have snowed the predicted amount and I’d have been a happy little clam! Tomorrow, the snow blower comes out and I’ll clean in white brillance of the fresh snow.

My hope for tomorrow, I’ll get things cleaned up and we’ll get things moved in our sunroom so I can watch our bird feeders. They were filled yesterday and the birds found them! Chickadees, sparrows, nuthatches, blue jays, a red-breasted bird that I have look up again because they’ve not been at our place for several years, and several pairs of cardinals have been flitting in and out of the near by bushes!

All this, because of a snow storm.