First, happy *insert your celebrations or lack there of* break.

I’ve been a teacher since 1994 and, like most of the educators who follow this blog, I’ve never felt I needed a break like I do this year. We’ve started 4 days a week, one day virtual at the beginning of the year, and moved to five days full time at the end of October. At one point, we had 17 kids online, almost an entire class, working from home. I’ve not figured out teach both as one, so there’s that hanging over my head.


But it’s more than that. It’s the families taking vacations, coming back as if “it’s no big deal”. It’s the community who believes at worst, this is a Democratic hoax, and at best, this is just a worse case of the flu. It’s the students who look at the adults and refuse to put their masks on. It’s the election that drags on, with pardons for murderers, and our Iowa delagates to Washington DC and Des Moines giving the “the Constituation says Joe Biden was elected”, not common sense says he won by a butt load of votes.


This break, we were told to unplug. I wish I could believe the words “self-care” said by so many. If that were the case, we would be pushing so hard for normal. We’d truly self-care.


So, my plan, read a book about John Lewis and a couple of books I purchased from Scholastic about anti-racism. We need to do the work, not so much of changing minds, but opening minds. If students see what they are doing, then they can change. If they don’t see it, change can’t happen.


My daughters are home, both with electronics. I want to learn how to use red stone in Minecraft, and maybe do some creating. I’ve wanted to start a Minecraft club, but I just don’t see that happened because Covid. We’ll see what happens!


Finally, I hope each of you enjoys your break as best you can. Whether is a church celebrations, a family celebrations, or simply a cup of hot chocolate and book, find that time for you. I’ll check back in before we head to 2021.

And for those of you who are like, “Damn, that’s a lot to unpack. Are you ok,” don’t worry. That’s been building for a while and it’s good to purge. From time to time, I’ve thought about packing up this blog, but how? This gives me that outlet to move some junk out of my system. I’ve got local people reading, so sometimes I probably over share, but really, I’m good. Just not real happy with my life situations and am hoping to relax, just a little bit!

That’s why we teach, right? Easy street? Yeah, whatever!

But, hey, the Hawkeyes won and break is started. That pushes the needle to the positive side!

Always a good thing! 🙂