Not going to lie, I struggled coming up with a blog. My mind is so jumbled and tired it’s hard to think. I love basketball, but am doubting my life choices for this season because I go home, sit, and stare.

But, I fought thought it for you, my 16 loyal readers.


For whatever reason, I found a slice for today: my homeroom. Now, that’s a pretty boring topic for some, but I love my homeroom this year. They are a combination of so many different personality, coming from so many different life experience, and when stirred up (and that’s the fun part!), mix into this rainbow of different emotions. Thankfully, none of them read this or they’d be all, “Awwww, Mr. J, you like us,” which I could not stand! 🙂


Today, they came back from a three day weekend, beginning of the second quarter, ready to go at 8:15. I was stunned. I looked around my room and just starting laughing because it always almost comical the way they were looking at me.


We’ve got the rebels, the crabby ones, the ones who are always on time, the ones who are always late, the teacher pleasers, the “this is boring” crowd, and the chill ones too. This is always the make up of a home room, so in many ways, this group should be similar to others I’ve had.

But they aren’t.

Sure, they get bucky when I tell them to get their work done. Some get really cranky when I send them to another room because they just won’t be quit. Others hate showing me if they have late work. But the difference this year is they don’t hold it against me. If I’ve made them mad, 10 minutes later, they are smiling and asking a question about something. Ok, maybe more than 10 minutes, but they don’t hold grudges with me. That’s different. Today, they were on task when they needed to be, and playful when the time called for that too.

Covid sucks. This year sucks. We as teachers are being asked to more than ever before with few resources at our disposal. Kids are being asked to wear masks and try to keep social distance, neither something they’ve ever be asked to do before. For some, this can be overwhelming. Hell, for ME this can be overwhelming. But it just seems like this class can help each other, pick each other up, like few classes I’ve had before.

And for this, I am one thankful teacher.

For that matter, sixth grade this year has been not been the cluster I’d thought. Yes, we all have our moments, but for the most part (knocking a some wood), we’ve had great start to our year.

Now, if we can keep the momentum going, this could be one year to remember.

And in the end, that’s what matters most. Kids won’t remember my lessons, but they’ll remember the feelings they have in our classrooms.

Smile and keep it positive. What do we have to lose?

To my homeroom:Keep it up. You are doing yourselves proud! 🙂