Today is my second favorite day of the election cycle!

Election Day! Our day to cast our vote for the men and women we feel will lead our country forward.

What is my favorite day of the election cycle, you ask?

Tomorrow! No More Political Commercials on TV Day!


But today, if you are in the states, and you’ve not voted, please, do so. I won’t use this platform to hammer on any one candidate (that’s what Twitter is for), but this is an important election.

My vote was received on October 26th at our local auditor’s office, so I’d imagine it’s been processed all ready. It stinks that our parent teacher conferences are this night, especially since they moved our polling place further away from our schools (my wife is not pleased), so we voted absentee for the first time in a presidential election. All in all, it was a pretty painless experience except you don’t get a sticker, which is a big deal!


As I watch the results, I’m filled with so many emotions, but the fact remains, we can pick our leaders without fear (so far) of being hurt or worse. Many countries around the world can’t say that when the power changes hands.

My hope, my daughters are given a leader they can look up to, trust, and who will fight for them and a better tomorrow.

That would be nice.