I’m tired.

I get home and grading papers just seems like too much.

I get home and it’s difficult to sit down in front of the TV, let alone think about school. Mask, no mask, obnoxious behavior, not feeling a connections with students and teachers, it makes me tired.

However, yesterday, the briefest of rays of sunshine came back for a couple of months.



In a normal year, I’d be a very happy man, ready to coach. This year, add a little more emotion and a little more nervous energy and a little “what the hell”, and you’ve got my feelings right now about the sport.

This is the first team I’ve had in three years that I’ve had in class, so we have that relationship to start. They are very excited to get going with the season. We are not a tall team, but we are quick, and I’ve got 8 girls who are ready to play, period.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is another exposure point, eight 8th grade girls in a gym (without masks) is not my idea of safe. But, I have my mask and damnit, I love this sport. I will do my best NOT make things worse, but yet, I cannot control contacts with other people, so I keep my fingers crossed about my girls and their own behaviors outside of school.

Yet, it was good to see them get out and run, excited to play. I’m pumped to see what we can become as a team.

This is my sunshine right now because I am tired.

I’m not sure what I will use in January, but by God, I’ll lean on it now.