I’ve decided that the “head in the sand” way of looking at life is the one for me.

Why you might ask?


This is the life for me because otherwise, it’s very possible I’ll send my computer through the window.


Ok, maybe not, but when I think of how pleasant my life would be, not knowing what I know, wow!

Yet, if I did that, I’d be uninformed.

I’d be ignorant.

I’d be a fool.

So, tonight, I’ll have my head in the sand and be happy not knowing stuff.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new attitude, and a new start too. We just have to keep moving forward, pushing past the foolishness, the racism, the ignorance, and make ourselves and the people around us better.

Which means we cannot keep our head in the sand, but keep looking up and forward for the challenges coming.

What else can we do? 🙂