Welp, I could talk about Betsy Devos and her “not a matter of if” statement today.

I could take about President Trump and how he’s going to “put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools”,


Nope, today, we are going local.

I had a teacher friend who is working hard to make sure that their classroom is readily available to students in the fall if need be. This teacher is creating a “digital classroom” with Google Slides and their Bitmoji. They are in their classroom with links to a morning message along with a number of different things that students could click through for their day. They said they’d read about this on a website somewhere and thought it would be a great thing for their classroom. What a great way to introduce students to the room and if we go to a hybrid or an online learning environment, this would be their starting point. Sounds like a great idea, right?


If you thought this, you are correct. During a PLC meeting to talk about school things, one instructional coach told this teacher to “not put too much work into this” because there should be a uniform look to all digital classrooms.


While I agree, the same platform should be used (and according to this teacher it is), why can’t teachers add their personalities to digital learning? This is where, if we are online learning, those relationships should be built. What better way than some creativity with your digital classroom?


But, I also understand the need to keep kids safe from the dangers of a learning system that’s gone bad:

  • Google Classroom, a hot bed of crazy people.
  • Canvas, Satan worshippers and wack coders.
  • Schoology, witches and people who use *gasp* letter grades

Needless to say, this has devolved into a nonsense, but my point being: Why are we not trusted to do our best with our students? We are all nervous, anxious, and down right angry about the various “return to learn” plans. However, we as educators are also looking at how to do things better for ALL students. Creating that atmosphere is SO important. Here’s a teacher going out of their way to do so and they are called out to be more uniform.

It’s no wonder we all have lots of gray hairs.

And finally, something I just came across. Who is paying for the PPE, the hand sanitzer, and everything that going into Covid classroom?

Betsy and President Trump, I’ll look for your replies tomorrow!