This is a favorite type of blog from the Slice of Life bloggers. It’s quick, simple, yet it forces you to refocus on those things that are happening in your life, right now. I’ll probably go into more detail than I should because apparently, I like words.


Currently, I am…

Thinking about…what to do tomorrow during the 4th. Most firework displays have been canceled around us due to Covid, all EXCEPT the town closest to us, the one having pretty much a full county fair. No, we won’t be attending those tomorrow. We may take a drive and see what we can find.

Listening to…a podcast from the Happiness Lab about being a better ally. For me, it’s about using my voice to do better when needed, otherwise, sit back, listen, and learn. There’s last two episodes, The War for Kindness and How to Be a Better Ally are both well worth your time.

Reading….Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. I’m almost done and ready to be done too. So much information to unpack in that book.

Dreaming about…Iowa City Jazz Festival 2021. This year’s event is a virtual event, so we won’t travel to Iowa City, eat different food, watch live jazz, and visit with my wife’s aunt and uncle. These events are the cornerstones of our summer, and without them, we are feeling even more lost and alone.

Feeling….edgy, nervous, and irritated with those people who keep telling me they aren’t going to “live in fear”. I’ve found the mute feature on my Facebook works wonder for my own mental health. However, I’m also feeling cleansed because each day, I’ve been able to get outside and work myself hard doing things around our place. Moving raised beds, digging out gardens, mowing, and using the clippings as mulch, all in 85-degree weather helps to sweat those toxins (and toxic people) right out.

Excited about….raspberries coming ripe in our patch, things growing in the garden, and the upgrades we’ve done in our house. Simple things like new chairs in the kitchen, painting a couple of walls in the bedroom, and putting up new mini-blinds. All of this has been put off for too long! 🙂

Planning….school stuff for the fall and where our vacation will be next summer. My wife is doing genealogy stuff, finding many ancestors have come from Vermont and Massachusetts. So, we may load up the Escape with our camping stuff and set off on a great adventure next June. That’s my hope anyway! 🙂

Grateful for…my wife and my daughters. They’ve kept me centered in all this. No, it’s not been easy, but I cannot imagine having to do this alone.

As always, thanks for letting me ramble. Today’s one of those days where I just needed an avenue to express those little things that have been bugging me, yet celebrate the positives as well. Writing allows me that forum where I can do both in one place and feel better going forward.

If you are in the US, Happy Traitor’s Day tomorrow, and if not, enjoy your weekend! 🙂