June 30th.


It feels like March 105th or something to that effect. It’s crazy to think three months ago we were shut out of our school, and that it’s very possible that we’ll be shut out of our school again this fall.


I’m not even sure where to go with this blog right now. In the midst of a pandemic, racial justice protests, social justice protests, and we are battling with the idea of school. So many questions with ZERO answers.

Personally, we are going to four different cattle shows in three weeks, preparing for these as our Covid cases spike. Iowa is the list where if I travel to New York, I have to quarantine when I get to my destination. We’ve been to one show all ready where there was very little social distancing going on, but yet, it was also in mid-April, and in a more open-air setting. We’ll see about these as the time gets closer. Many shows around us have been canceled, so we will see MANY people showing who are not from our area.


Our county fair is having their demolition derby, school bus races, and my favorite, their country music concert with ZERO social distancing, no mention of wearing masks, and some of the seats are standing room only. Our county is in a good spot right now with very few cases. Many county fairs around us have been canceled, so this will draw in people from all over our area.


On a positive note, my wife and I took a day trip to Maquoketa Caves, a series of caves carved out of limestone about two hours south of us. We hiked for a while, got a picnic, went to Target (first time since March!), and stopped at a winery on the way home, and ate at an open-air restaurant (again, a first since March).


This is where I’ll finish my blog up. We got back from our trip and I opened Facebook on my phone. Bad idea, as this is where I found the Iowa Department of Education’s recommendations for schools to reopen. Boiled down: they won’t require masks or screenings, they want us to watch our words so people don’t feel bad, and they want everyone to wash their hands really well.


This ruined what was otherwise a great day. So I did something I needed to do a long time ago: I deleted Facebook from my phone. A weight was lifted. I’ve felt better about many things since this act of rebellion to pop culture. True, I still have my other pieces of social media, but Facebook has been a pain for a while. By doing this, I’ve given myself time for other things in my life, never ever a bad thing!

So, as March 105th comes to a close, I hope each of you are happy, healthy, and finding something to make your days matter. Tomorrow, it’s back to the garden, weeding, mulching, and making sure I keep ahead certain projects.

School will come and I can’t stop that from happening. What we’ll do, who knows? But in the end, it’s not in my control and that’s what I need to keep telling myself.

Just keep swimming, right Dory? 🙂