We need connections with our students.


I smile. I joke. I scowl. I tell it as it is. My students know that I care because I treat them like students, yet I allow myself to be human, expressing my doubts and fears, especially now. I love the emails I’ve got so far and worry about those students I’ve not heard from yet.

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Photo on 3-21-20 at 11.51 AM

Yesterday, I had my cat make a surprise appearance on my vlog, so I asked the kids to sent me pictures of their pets and something they’ve been doing. I got these today. The kids are engaging through the computer, which is a great thing. They are starting to figure things out!


Next week, we start more virtual PD, we’ll start planning on what the following week looks like as we have a full quarter left to teach, and we’ll make this look “normal”.

Connections will be key. Teachers will be put in positions they are unaccustomed to, not trained for, and are downright scared to do. Is this the right thing? I’m not sure anymore. It is what we’ll do. You know it.

Hopefully, those connections made in the face to face year will carry over to the virtual year. If they don’t, there will be trouble.

Here’s crossing our collective fingers as we walk into a whole new world.