Ok, I’ll say it, this sucks.

There was a video of spring break kids at some stupid beach in a warm, dry place, partying and having the time of their lives. Normally, not a big deal to me. I’m an adult and I can’t go back to those days. I didn’t get to go on spring break anyway because I was working somewhere, so it is what it is.


Hush. What got me blood boiling was the interviews they were doing. Most of these kids were talking about how things were overblown, how they’ve had the flu and it wasn’t that bad, and one girl’s quote: “Yeah, we are getting drunk here before they shut us down.”


These are the fools who will get back on a plane, infect the plane, go back to their dorm, house, frat/sorority, be asymptomatic, infect the floor/house, whatever. This is why schools, both college and K-12, are going online for the rest of the year. This is why both of my daughters are expecting to lose their jobs and likely move back home two months early. This is on one report tonight, the expert said this could last until a vaccine is found.

There are days where I want to give my daughters a whack upside the head and tell them to pay attention, but for the most part, they’ve grown up a lot. When their colleges went online last week, that was a big “oh sh*t” moment for the two of them. They were both home when we got the text saying we were done for 30 days, it was a bigger “oh sh*t” moment. They both were not happy with friends who were disregarding all common sense to go on spring break.

“But I paid for the tickets all ready”


“But it’s my life and you can’t tell me what to do!”


And my favorite: “It’s unconstitutional!”


Listen, if you want to drive a car off a dock, more power to you. But when drive off that dock and pull my parents off the dock with you, that’s where I have an issue. When you drive off that dock and take three pregnant people we know with you, that’s an issue. I’m not sure whatever happened to the saying “The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many,” but it should be coming back into style.

Again, this sucks in a major way.

Tonight, our board voted to pay our paraprofessionals their wages for the next four weeks. This was done with unneeded drama, but I’m afraid this drama of whom to pay will rear it’s ugly head more and more as we realize what’s happened with the economy of our country because of this virus. In China, who seems to be battling its way out, their economic output has dropped 9% in the first quarter of the year. And they had HUGE shutdowns. And they put millions of people into lockdown to get this under control.

Do you think a bunch of drunk college students give two craps about self-quarantine?

Yes, this sucks. And it sucks big time.

So, stay at home, wash your damn hands, and if you catch the virus, just do the right thing.

It’s truly not that hard.

To help my mood, I’m off to watch the Best March Madness Moments of the Last 5 Years.