Today, we spend time with our youngest daughter running around Ames doing a “transfer visit” because she’ll be moving from the University of Iowa to Iowa State.

Today’s slice: 5 random things I saw in Ames.

  1. Tall people: My daughter is 5’1″, so her perspective on life is a bit different. As we were wandering around, she made the comment to me, “Damn, why are there so many tall people here?” At first, I was like “whatever dude”, but as we went from building to building, there were A LOT of tall people. It was a bit startling just how many there were all over campus.
  2. Animal science: One of the reasons were we were is that she decided last summer that animals were meant to be a big part of her life. “I’d love to milk cows for a living, but I won’t make any money and I would like to go on vacation.” So, she met with the transfer student advisor (who knew there was such a thing) in the animal science department and went over everything she’d need to do this spring, summer, and fall to get ready. They put me a little more at ease when I asked “ok, now what” when referring to what happens when she graduates.
  3. Gymnastics: Our other daughter showed up and we went to the Iowa/Iowa State gymnastics meet. It was so much FUN!! Our daughters did tumbling, and those meet tending to drag. This was so upbeat with hype music, the gymnasts going NUTS when one of their teammates nails a routine, and little girls running around everywhere! Bonus: Iowa won! #beatstate
  4. New carWe went back to our daughter’s apartment and she showed her sister her new car. All the bells and whistles were cool, then I asked, “So what’s the gas mileage?” *cricket* And then they started hitting buttons to find it! She’s very happy with her new vehicle and I’m happy she’s happy! 🙂
  5. Happy thoughts: College has been fairly difficult for our youngest. Between struggling with some mental health issues and trying to keep up with the rich kids, she’s not always very happy. She was smiling a lot after her meeting with the animal science advisor. She’d shared she was very nervous about this transfer because it was basically admitting she’d messed up and was “starting over” in making new friends and relationships. Today gave her some confidence going forward that yes, there was something out there for her in the world.

It will be another long day tomorrow as we’ll stick around until 3:00 to watch our oldest sing. Then, two hours back to Iowa City and two hours back home. It was worth it today watching our daughters giggle and laugh together. Their relationship isn’t easy because, well, it’s just not. Little trips like this, where they can just catch up a little bit are good for their souls.

It’s good for our souls as well to see them happy together as sisters.