Honestly, playing off of yesterday’s blog about music, when I heard the word delight, I immediately think of the song “Groove is in the Heart” by the music group Deee-Lite.


This delight, though, is the actual delight. Webster’s Dictionary defines delight as:

  • noun

a high degree of gratification or pleasure JOY children squealing in delight also extreme satisfaction seems to take delight in the misfortunes of others

  • verb

1to take great pleasure delighted in playing the guitar

The reason for delight? Well, first, why not? Everyone loves finding or taking “great pleasure” or “a high degree of gratification” with something.

Yesterday, I talked briefly about a crappy day in a string of crappy days. However, tonight, on my way to see my daughter (check out my wife’s blog to see more – she’s a first time SOL writer!) I’ll be relistening to a podcast from PRX called This American Life. The episode that I’ll be listening to is called “The Show of Delights” and the program matches up with the title: A show about delight.


In this episode, we a little guy named Cole, waiting for his first bus ride to school. He and his mom wait, they talk to people, they role-play how to greet the bus driver, and suddenly, the bus comes around the corner. You hear this squeal of joy:

That’s my bus!! It’s really happening!!


The delight of Cole is almost tangible. You can almost reach out and touch that feeling he has, running up the steps and surveying the rows of seats. It’s just an amazing part of the whole episode focused on how we feel delight, what causes it, and how to capture more of it.

So, I reflected, what causes me delight?

  • The pizza I just ate (Blaze Pizza in Ames – so VERY GOOD!!)
  • A Diet Coke after a week of not having Diet Coke
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Seeing my daughters walk through the door
  • Watching my wife write her blog
  • Seeing my parents
  • Coming home

So many different things, different layers, and levels, but delight all the same.

Cole is a small part of the entire episode about delight, so I encourage you to have a listen!

Finally, what’s something that causes you delight? 🙂