This morning, as I was getting my Twitter fix for the day, I came across this gem from

I’m at school 2 hours after the bell blasting Pearl Jam and doing sub plans. You feel me?
I love me some Pearl Jam, a classic grunge group (as if most people don’t know this all ready!). But I lie if I said that this group was my goto group. Way back in the day, this was jamming from my apartment in Winona, MN, where I went to college, but now, there’s so much more:
This is a group that I also discovered in the ’90s as well. There’s rhymes, the flow of their beat, the other artists who were featured on their CDs, all of this was a big draw to this Iowa boy.
I could go on and on about this group. They come to Iowa Irish Fest every year and put on a heck of a show. An Irish group with the flair for the dramatic, but yet, so dang talented! If you watched the movie, Titanic, you’ve heard the boys play!
The name of the group suggests some anger issues, which would be correct. They are a rock band who express “revolutionary views” (Wikipedia’s words, not mine), and they do just that. They do it in a way that is just amazing. Another ’90 throwback!
This is a podcast that I’ve listened to for years. The DJ, Steve Boyett, has another podcast called Podrunner for those of you who are active, but Grooveletric does it for me. This is progressive house, deep house, or just house music, depending on your definition. Either way, the music makes me move and it so much different than the other stuff already mentioned.
This group from Los Angles, this is one I discovered because of the Internet. When we first got “fast” Internet at school, I’d stream music from iTunes radio (the really early one). One day, while at school, this group came on and I was enthralled! Again, this Iowa boy loved the beat, the message, and simply how the different types of music that came from one song!  I also discovered Chali 2NA and Cut Chemist as well, but that’s for a different post! 🙂
Who doesn’t love electronic dance music (EDM)? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m a bit of a lone wolf in my neck of the woods, but I love this kind of music. I first really dove into this type of music when I found a video from a festival in Poland called Sunrise. This was a bucket list place (way down the list because my wife’s taste in music does NOT include EDM), but then I found Ultra. Good grief! Great sets, great artists, and in the United States. Again, probably won’t attend this event, but I can dream! 🙂
So, after an absolutely crappy day, a crappy day in a stream of crappy days, it’s music that reminds me that I can and will do better tomorrow. These groups and many others found via streaming, YouTube, my CD collection (yes, I’m old!), all of this makes life more bearable.