Good morning to all.

One of the things I’ve read time and time again, if you are going to write, just do it.


So, here I am, just doing it!

This morning, I came across this thread dealing with a claim made by a high profile “Edu-star” that their significate other, who is a teacher “never brought any work home. No lesson planning. No grading. Home is home time.”


As you might imagine, a small storm ensued with the “oh that’s great” and “family time is so important” crowd vs. the “I call B.S.” and they “never grow as a teacher” crowd getting their shots in on each other. Highly entertaining, but not what Twitter, nor our profession needs.

My beef with all this is simple: share it out. If your husband or wife can do this (when I was a middle school teacher English teacher, grading was done all over the place), then why not share how?? Why keep this holy grail of education all to yourself?


I can neither confirm nor deny a book about this is in the works, and nor do I believe we should work for free, but this is the Teachers Pay Teachers of Twitter:

Hey PLN! I’ve got this super great way to *insert some over ambicous, totally unreal educational goal*. It’s SO easy to do that I’ve got my WHOLE staff doing it!! It’s just a great way to live your best life, find work-home balance, and doing something buzz word too! You want to know more?? Super!! My book titled, Super Exciting and Buzz Wordy Too! is only $49.95 + $12 s/h.


Again, I don’t expect things to be given away, but if you’ve come across the big old X in the jungle where the treasure is, share a little with your fellow teacher pirates.

(Did you see what I did there?)