So there I was, sitting on my couch, a cup of tea beside me, with my “State of the Union Bingo Sheet” in front of me, and my computer nearby. It was the State of the Union, and by gosh, I was going to be comfortable for the hour and half of nonsense I was going to have to sit through!

I was poking at my right-wing friends because, well, I can. I’ve watched the State of the Union for a few years now, especially since I’m a social studies teacher. My 8th grade social studies team member always forwards a bingo sheet for us to print off, so I gave one to all my classes, with the promise of “something” if they brought it back. I wanted to make sure that I was correct when little Jimmy came in and said he had a blackout (whatever, little Jimmy, there was no blackout!).


So I am marking my squares, and generally becoming irritated as the President takes shot after shot at former President Obama, the man he loves to hate on most. There a square about the wall (build a wall, and people will find a way over it, under it or around it), there’s a square about health care (yes, I will take away Obamacare, but I will save pre-existing conditions). So of course, I’m in the comfort of my own home, I comment on these fun little nuggets on social media. A high school classmate of mine (Class of ’89) asks why I’m watching the State of the Union.

To fill out my bingo sheet of course, and to poke and my right leaning friends. LOL!

Seriously, if you can’t have fun with this stuff, you’ll go crazy or cry, and I’m just not quite there on either of those yet.


Then, I get a reply from the mom of another high school student who graduated from the same high school I did. Not the grown daughter, no, the MOM!

I hope when you teach you are unbiased and you don’t try to enstill your beliefs into your students.


And then, ANOTHER mom of ANOTHER high school friends posts this:

certainly you don’t promote your political views on your students.


At this point, I’m no longer mocking the things being said on TV, no, I’m mocking these two for being absolutely clueless. Yes, I was saying things to get under people’s skin, and I openly admitted that point to all. And yes, it’s well deserved because of the general tone he takes with most people. And yes, I called out Nancy Pelosi for doing her little thing too, but in my house AND in my classroom. You had two toddlers throwing tantrums on national TV.

Yes, we talk about politics in my classroom, we have to! Our national problems start with our younger students not being able to be civil with each other and that’s what we talk about: being able to have a civil conversation about things we disagree about. But, it usually turned in a student or two yelling “Trump 2020” and falling apart from there. We work on civility constantly, but when they see the leaders of their country going at it like two gangs in a school year, what you do expect??


And the two moms, I didn’t reply, I held my tongue, but they won’t be heard from anymore on my social media. It’s one thing to call me out personally, heck, I deserve it! But to doubt my professionalism on something like this? Nope. My students will hear both sides of the story and have to create an opinion on their own world view. That’s not my job.

However, I prefer not to interact with them anymore, which is sad, because they are both wonderful women and have raised great kids, many of whom I had a great time growing up with.

But, a lack of civility will do that.

How do we fix the problem? Get money out of politics, set up term limits, and quit yelling at your TV.

Oops, that last one was for me! 🙂