Why hello there my blogging community, long time, no write!


It’s not that I don’t have things to write about, but my brain just seems scrambled right now, and it seems that putting together a coherent statement, let alone a string of these statements is a challenge.

However, there’s many things to share, stories to write about:

  1. My daughter’s now won three “Jr. Grand Champion” awards in a row, a pretty impressive streak considering she’s never done it before. We don’t have the money or the facilities to compete, really and any level but our local level, which is ok by us. However, every once and a while, we like the title “champion”. Last year, we had a shot with a cow both daughters have taken care of, but another Brown Swiss was brought into our group, and we were second place. This year, our daughter’s Brown Swiss heifer has just been stellar. She’s grown well at our place, isn’t a drama queen (yes, Princess (our youngest heifer), I’m looking at you) and isn’t “over conditioned” (a nice way of saying fat). We are getting things around to go to the state fair next week, and I’m excited to see how she compares to the animals from around the state.
  2. My wife is currently in Italy, playing Mary Poppins! I’m not sure I wrote about this, but she was asked by the mother of one of her students to accompany their family, a second family, and a group of college students to their spot in Italy. There, she’ll spend some time working with the kids of the two families, and when she’s not playing Mary Poppins, she’ll be part of the larger group of people staying there. It’s an awesome opportunity for her, and while I’m jealous, I’m very happy for her. Like she said, “Things like this don’t happen to people like us.”
  3. She almost didn’t get to go because of her passport! When she made the decision to go, she sent in her application on May 14th, two months and two weeks before her flight was to leave. She got her passport Saturday. Last week was an ugly week until Wednesday because she’d become despondent, not feeling as though she was going to make it. So, we did what any GenXer would when pushed to the brink, we went to the Internet! She found sob stories (“Oh, I sent my passport application in 3 weeks in advance and it’s not here yet, whatever shall I do?”) and I found “Talk to your Senator.” So, we called Charles Grassley’s office, and that day, the passport was approved, and we had it in by Saturday. Needless to say, if you are traveling, get that thing in and don’t be afraid to call your elected officials if you feel the people at the Passport Office are giving you the run around (they were!).
  4. I’ve not been on Twitter much because it seems so angry. This is the old man in me talking, but it seems so many people are offended by SOMETHING. Those people like me were talked down to for being too nice because we need to stand up for what’s right, no matter where, when, or if it’s appropriate for your students. Yes, we need to be more kind, more empathetic, and more accepting of those in our classroom. However, by questioning someone’s teaching ability, their own character in a public format, NEVER a way to create change. Be honest, be steadfast, but also, be firm and be firey when defending yourself.
  5. Finally, it’s back to school time, and I’m not ready. Without my wife here, I’m being pulled in 17 different directions, along with not sleeping well! I need to get into my classroom, but as of Monday, it hadn’t been cleaned or waxed, so they’ll do that next week when I’m gone (I hope). Summer has slipped away, like sand between my fingers, and I’m not happy about it. Too much to read, too many things to get done, and all ready, school texts and emails and Facebook messages, all reminding me, “You are average at best. You’ve not spent $13,518 dollars on school supplies, read 14 books, helped in summer school, or did park and rec mowing. You suck.”

Nope, I’m not happy about it at all. I love my job and I love the community of learners we have at our middle school. I just don’t love that we are expected, every year, to donate our time to get prepared in our classroom. Every.  Damn. Year. If we asked for work days, we’d be laughed out of the school because these beginning of the year meetings “are important.”



So, what’s your story? What’s keeping you awake at night? Starving your brain because it dominates your thoughts?

Please, do tell! 🙂