It’s 10:10 PM (CST) and I’m staring at this screen thinking, “What the heck do I write about?”

Writing this summer has been an issue. What should I write about?? I could write about the fact I’ve got my notebooks, but I’m not carrying them. I’m not remembering things the way I should because my routine is all out of wack. We had a great trip, then, our family has kind of imploded on each other with various things that have been sprung up creating reactionary decision making. I went for my six month cancer check up (an hour and a half drive one way), and the doctor (my third doctor in three year, mind you) forgot to order a cat scan, so got to drive to the clinic a second time in a week to have that done.


I could write about the incredible podcasts I listened to in the car, one about social justice, one about ignorance, ALL of them basically saying the same thing: you have to know your neighbor and love your neighbor, regardless of WHO your neighbor is. I’m going to write about them in future blogs because, damn, they had me in tears a couple of times. I could write about the nurse I had yesterday, who had a daughter graduate from Iowa State. Or how our waiter today was a just an awesome soul, exactly what we needed at that time. Or how sweet potato fries are the universe’s way of saying, “We got you, fam!”

This has not been an easy summer for many reasons, but then, there are those things that make me see the good around me. The fact *knocking on wood* that our mortgage is so close to being paid off we can taste it. The idea that my oldest daughter will likely graduate in three semesters with zero student loans. The fact my father, 8 weeks out of his back surgery, has returned to the curmudgeon that I know and love (this is where I get my own curmudgeonly tendencies).

It’s hard to be positive in the face of all that’s going in the world right now or what’s going on in our own house, but what else is there? There’s enough negative energy out there. I refuse to give in, give up, or quit.

I may play the role of the above mentioned curmudgeon, but I’ll be damned if I let it be WHO I am.

What about you? How will you control the negative stuff in your life? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

Guess I found that thing to write about tonight!