It’s 10:15 CST, and this is the view from where I’m sleeping:

Yup, it’s State Fair time! As my wife is in Italy, my job of “show dad” has expanded to that of “show parent”. U made cookies. I made Rice Krispy bars. I moved hay. I canned peaches (big time step out of my comfort zone).

Yet, as we talked today via Messenger, I told ber how much more I appreciated the little things she does behind the scenes. I’m struggling doing the big things, the little ones are getting over looked!

As it is, we FINALLY have a heifer who will be mentioned as Jr. Grand Champion. Do I expect that? No. But to have another class winner is a great goal. Jr. Champion, that would be too good to be true!

Well, I will sign off! If you are in the dairy barn, we are in front of the office! Comd say hi and pet a Broww Swiss!