A friend of mine has been involved in suicide awareness for many years because of a friend who took his life. Today, he posted this on his Facebook page:

Yesterday, I was at a customer’s office in Dike and the hatch on my ASI car was open. One of their customers came in to schedule some work and left. Just minutes after he left, he came back in and asked who I was & what I do. He proceeded to say “I’m not nosey, but I seen a bunch of suicide stuff in your car, whats that all about?!” He explained that someone just confided in his wife that they are thinking of taking their own life and she was very shook up about it. So, I gave him materials and some resources to call for help. Life really is all about timing #PeopleHelpingPeople#AliveAndRunningIowa

When I shared this post to my friends, I simply said: “Sometimes, things just happen the right way…….”

Which is how this song just popped up in my life.

This song, Danger is Real by Sister Hazel, was something on their CD title, Light in the Dark, is just a great upbeat, positive song.

Don’t choose to be afraid make a fool of yourself
Don’t choose to be afraid have a chance you might fail

We’ve talked a lot in class during our Leader in Me discussions about how we need to be brave, how we need to take chances, and how we need to fail to move forward! Many of our students are so terrified of looking like fools, that they look like fools! They won’t push forward because of fear and nothing else.

If your heart has a dream don’t bury it
‘Cause the best things in life are the scariests

The question is, how often do we as adults follow our own advice? Do we fall forward or try hard not to fail, playing it safe? Are we risk takers or afraid to fail, just like our students are?

As I look at myself, I’m the guy who plays it safe. I’m terrified of failure, and don’t do it well. But looking at Leader in Me, the Seven Habits, and listening to this stupid song about a dozen times today, I see how I’m trying to break out of that shell. I’m trying to be a better teacher, a better husband, and a better father. Being present, being aware, and simply being are all part of it.

Don’t choose to be afraid there are lessons in our tears
Don’t choose to be afraid of anything but fear

Fear is paralyzing. I know. But we can overcome it. We can help our students to overcome it. After all: Fear is a choice……