You thought middle finger and thought it was something awful! Bad readers! 🙂

I’m not sure what brought this memory back, but it’s kind of a fun one that I wanted to share.

We went to Disney World ten year ago (damn) over Christmas break. Our little family spent three days running around the Disney complex, seeing all the cool stuff, spending Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom. As we were in the park, they react “capacity” whatever the heck that is, but wow, there were a lot of families running around that place! Every time we’d see someone crying, the running joke was “someone’s dreams aren’t coming true today!” It make us smile with all the people around!

I counted at least six languages spoken around us that day, which was very cool for my daughters, 8 and 10 at the time, to experience. But the best part was the finger. Didn’t matter the language spoken, when Mom or Dad got the finger up in the child’s face, you knew they were in big trouble.

And today for some reason today, I thought about Christmas in 2008, watching those various families, not having a clue what they were saying, but understanding the unwritten language of parents. It made me wonder what the hell we are doing, focusing on our differences when, in the end, we just want the best possible life for ourselves and our children. Language, culture, skin color, they are all minor differences when it comes to the fact we love our children with passion and joy.

So, parents, as you waggle the finger of  “I’m so angry with you”, take solace in the fact that somewhere around the world, someone else is doing the same thing!

We live such different lives, but it’s crazy just how similar we all are.