This will be Day 3 of 49 in my 7 x 7 Contract.


Yes, this drives my wife crazy too, when I don’t put the needed details in when talking with her. Sometimes it’s the stroke, sometimes it just me, but when I write, I do it totally on purpose!


Anyway, being a jerk aside, last week, we went through the Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training as part of our Leader in Me program. It was a hard two days because there was a lot of looking inside yourself, something I’m not good at, not at all. However, coming out the second day, I know it was a good experience because I’d a chance to sit and really learn about my former teammates in 8th grade. That was the bummer in it all, I didn’t get to learn much about my current team.

That being said, my accountability partner and I are working together to get more healthy and get me back writing consistently on Tuesdays and Fridays.

One of the things we are doing as a group is the above mentioned 7 x 7 contract. Seven days a week for seven weeks, we are to live the 7 habits. Yesterday’s task was to “Refine Your Mission Statement”, which again, was tough. This isn’t something I’m good at, writing about myself in terms on what I see at the “end in mind” of my life. I’ve always just tried to live a good life, the right life, and this makes me see that sometimes, what I do doesn’t match up with what I say, which again is tough to swallow.

However, in see that in myself, it allows me to become a better me, a more thoughtful me, a me that can begin to see “the end in mind.”

So, my 16 readers, here my mission statement.

My Mission:

  • to love unconditionally.
  • to laugh with enthusiasm.
  • to grow each day into my better me.
  • to show my gratitude in multiple ways.
  • to be in the moment.
  • to be thankful on a daily basis.
  • to fail often.
  • to live with wonder and passion.
  • to find my true self.

It’s hokey and a little bit fluffy, but it’s what I came up with for right now. If you are so inclined, I’d love to hear what you think of it.