I’ve gone a while without writing, so today, I present an assortment of random observations about the world around me. Some good, some not so good, most just random stuff I’ve thought about or seen over the last couple of weeks.

  1. This last week was the first week of chaos for our family, the county fair. Our daughter did well, showing three Brown Swiss heifers and a six year old cow. She’s also having pictures displayed at the State Fair, our destination for the third week of chaos. This week, we are trying to get ourselves, all four of us, ready for school.
  2. I don’t toot my own horn very often, but I found something that made me smile. WordPress shows how visitors are directed to my blog. Most come from Twitter, a few from Google+, but there was a web site I’d not seen, Feedspot.com, that sent a visitor to me, so I clicked the link and found myself on a list, “Top 100 Elementary Teacher Blogs and Websites for Elementary Teachers“. I thought that was pretty cool, so I need to up by blog game! 🙂
  3. We’ve been doing some traveling to other county fairs with our Brown Swiss Princess daughter, and at one fair, I witnessed the queen coronation. According to a friend of mine, the school bully and someone who’d run for town princess and lost were crowned their fair’s queen and princess. I can only imagine how those students of that school felt watching this take place, but it just knocked the idea of “fair royalty” down another peg in my own estimation.
  4. We got our garden in very late this year with the wet, cool spring and all the freekin’ snow days. We are just now getting cucumbers in, the beans and potatoes have flowered, which is a good sign, and we have baby tomatoes on the vine. Two of my garden plots are out of commission because I used a herbicide for to kill thistles, so our food production will be down. That and deer have eaten my broccoli and cabbage, but not my eggplants. Stupid deer.
  5. And finally, it’s the last day of July. I’d put a hashtag #sigh in here, but that might look stupid. I’ve pushed a lot of school out of my head because I’m very nervous about the school year. Yes, change happens, and yes, I control my own attitude. I get that. It’s not my attitude I’m worried about right now! My daughter is reaching that spot with State Fair, a State Dairy Princess interview/competition, and her parents harping at her to get things done, she’s reaching a spot of maximum pressure. There’s a lot going on, and like I told her last night, “It’s not going to slow down at all.”

We’ll see how it all works out. I cannot set up my room as it’s not been cleaned or waxed, I have a cancer appointment tomorrow, we move our oldest into a different apartment in Ames Thursday, then Iowa Irish Fest this weekend.


But we’ll persevere because we have grit and a growth mind set that will help us fail forward if that happens.

Oh edu-jargon, how I’ve missed thee……