This is a line from the Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. For those who are living in an alternative universe, who don’t have kids/grandkids/nephews/nieces or who are cut off from technology (and thus won’t be reading this blog), here’s the clip where the line takes place.

Anyway, I was ready to write about the most cool reward party ever: black light dodgeball. But, I won’t. I get to write about my senior daughter. (I’ll write about the black light stuff because it’s so FREEKIN’ cool!!)


My daughter told her band instructor that “she won’t be doing her solo.”


She’s under a lot of stress working with vocal music, trying to memorize all these pieces of music for small group contest. I get that, I was heavy into music and always felt like there was too much there. However, I also did four years of tuba solos as well. My last solo wasn’t very good because I didn’t practice, didn’t take it seriously, and yes, it just imploded on itself.


I have no issues with wanting to back off. But she’s made this into a power struggle with the band director, and we’ve told her: this won’t end well for you. You don’t start a fight without some logic you can back up your fight with. If my students come at with a whole bunch of attitude, no, they won’t budge me (I tend to be a bit stubborn when my dander is up). If they come in and lay out an argument with logic, I’ll at least give them the chance to present a solution.

Not with my daughter. Guns blazing, that’s her method. Not. Very. Smart.

With her impending graduation, we’ve decided rather than fight that battle, we let her figure it out as in six months, she’s got to be able to do it.

We are hopeful. Kind of. In a “please get it right” sort of way.


Parenting. Not for the weak of heart. 🙂