Yesterday, after I hit post, WordPress sent me a message:

You’ve made 500 posts onΒ The Life of a Conflicted Teacher.


500 posts.

Now, I know that there are people out there who blog every day who are thinking, “Ha. I warm up doing 500 posts,” and I’m sure for most people, 500 isn’t a huge deal.

But for me, 500 posts is a huge milestone. It’s half way to a 1,000. Can you imagine, 1000 blogs?? I’ve been posting, on a somewhat regular basis now, for six years. While I don’t think about the number of posts I have, I do think the more comfortable I’ve become with other people reading my writing, the more comfortable I’ve become pulling out my phone, computer, or other device and just writing about an experience. It’s very freeing to feel that you can do this, that you’ve earned that right (so to speak) to share experience, feelings, and just the day to day stuff that might seem boring to us, but might make someone else’s day (writing about calves or basketball anyone?). It’s not easy, as I look through my past statistics, I had months where I averaged zero visitors and had writing posted!

#yousuckman #giveup #thisistoohard

But, it’s not about the views, it’s about that feeling you have a voice. As I worked to find mine, I found Two Writing Teachers, I found people to share my blogs with, and I found the confidence to share, good, bad, or otherwise. If someone were to ask me why I blog, the answer would be pretty easy: to share my voice with the world and to do things that I ask my students to do. My voice will never a beacon of light for the masses, but if I can show my students how perseverance pays off, you bet I’m going to keep writing! πŸ™‚ Plus, when I show my students where I writing, I show them the in the statistics which countries have visited my blog. Yesterday, readers from the United States, Canada, India, Switzerland, and Singapore stopped by! How freekin’ cool is that? And to an 8th grader, even more cool!! πŸ™‚

#ohyeahyouaresohip *eyeroll*

Anyway, while I missed writing about number 500 yesterday, I feel that the “Random Stuff” post was fitting, because I try to be real with my voice. I’ve watched a number of blogs go from being real to losing their way, trying to monetize their writing. While I’d love to say, “Payment for blogging? Sign me up,” that will never happen. Unlike Seinfeld, people aren’t going to read a blog about nothing! πŸ™‚

So, to my 14 readers (yes, the number keeps going up and self deprecating humor will always be a part of my blog), thank you for hanging out with me for 500 posts. I appreciate the views, the comments, and most of all, knowing that my voice, however small is reaching out beyond my little classroom here in Northeast Iowa!