I thought I could do it.

I thought I could get a blog in during days of 17 hours in a bus, days beginning with a 5:35 wake up call and ending with a chaperone’s meeting at 10:30.

I thought I could get quality writing in while walking everywhere! I forgot my FitBit, but my wife’s told us we averaged about 17,000 steps while we were in Washington DC, about 7 miles over the three days we were there.

I was wrong.

I felt a little freed by missing my first day so early. I would have struggle mightily trying carve out the time to write.


I enjoyed myself.

I enjoyed sitting with my wife, having the students tell us we were the “cutest couple ever.”

I enjoyed the history, the architecture, and the beauty found in unlikely places.

I enjoyed new friends made, reconnection with old friends, and the laughter that goes with both.

But most of all, I enjoyed that sense of community that trips like this bring, and that I played a very tiny role in what will be lifetime memories for our students. That give me pride and when I look back at our pictures, that’s what will make me smile.

My next blogs will be about our trip, but tonight, I got to bed.