Hello from the middle of Illinois on a bus!

We started from our high school school about 2:30 and drove to Mount Morris, Illinois, the hometown of our choir director. My wife and I are again, in the middle of the kids, because quite frankly, we aren’t afraid of them. The last time we did this, two years ago, we found ourselves in the middle of the kids by accident and had a blast. It was interesting watching other parents mill around and not interact with the students for whatever reason. It was a blast and I’m hoping, positioning ourselves where we are, that we will have just as much fun.

That aside, our first stop was in Mount Morris, where both the band and choir performed. Our daughter told us last week that she might be singing a solo during the performances, which is always fun. This, however, is no ordinary solo. Our music director of 25 years passed away this last October after battle cancer for the past four years. She was a dynamic woman who connected with any and all student, creating a monster music program in a school that had no business having a program as strong as ours was.

One of the songs she picked out before her passing has the solo our daughter sang tonight. It was also performed at our director’s funeral by a former student. It’s a powerful song, and brought tears to my eyes during the funeral.

My daughter was so nervous about singing this song. I’ve written about her talent and her voice in the past, and she’s only getting better. Tonight, our director smiled down from heaven because she stood in front on her peers, people she didn’t know, and parents along on the trip, and song the song of a lifetime. Her voice was so pure and unwavering that, once again, I found myself in tears. The last three years, each our daughters, singing solos or in small groups, have caused this, and I was hoping I could get away without bawling!


She’s got a voice that could take her places, if she wants.

Tonight, we are on the road to Gettysburg.

And I couldn’t be more proud. Of her, our band, our choir, and our school. We aren’t anything special, but my goodness can we perform.