Yesterday, we reviewed our retirement savings plan.


My earning power could easily be frozen by a total contract rewrite, courtesy of our collective bargaining being stripped away.


We do the right things. We save. We don’t splurge on much. We watch where our money goes. But yet, our future scares me.


Our state budget can afford a tax cut of $200 million dollars next year, and up to $1 billion dollars in the future. But it can’t afford to go to colleges and community colleges, important for our state’s growth in the future.


The part that scares me the most: all this is compounded with my daughters. They’ll have more debt then I did coming out of college and less opportunity. They’ll have a world that’s scared and confused, but angry and ugly. How will THEY get ahead?


I will stay positive for them, and for my students, but as a lower middle class family, it’s getting harder and harder to live the American Dream. Can one ever feel like