BloggingCurrently, I thought I’d give this format as it does lead to some interesting insights into people.

Currently, I have plans to plant seeds, visit my wife for lunch, and do school work this afternoon.

Currently, we are attempting the Whole 30 plan, with some success as I’ve not knowing eaten sugar or refined anything in four days.

Currently, I want a cookie, a beer, and cheese curds, not necessarily in the order!

Currently, I’m pulling up my Kidblog. I posted a “challenge blog” for students to comment on 10 different writings in 24 hours. I have six so far who’ve completed the challenge! 🙂

Currently, I’ve noticed two changes since my stroke: my oral fluency is not what it was and I leave letters out of writing. Thank goodness for spell check now!

Currently, I just raced upstairs and change out of my robe as a truck pulled in. He pulled into the wrong place and was looking for directions. 🙂

Currently, I have a stack of books on my bookshelf to read. I think I’ll should suspend the book section in Amazon!  Newest additions are: Chasing Perfect: How to Win in Basketball and Life, It Starts with Food (Whole 30), and Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lesson from an Unlikely Teacher.

Currently, I’m rewatching The West Wing and hoping, in some alternative reality, that politics, Republican or Democrat, are done in this manner.

Currently, I’m thinking of podcasting in my classroom. How hard would this be to upload to Kidblog? Could you do it?

Currently, I’m not sure if this is how this format works, but I like all the same! 🙂