*sigh* *eyeroll* *soundsofdoorslamming*

It’s Spring Break here in Iowa, and I would dare to ask our 16 year old to help around the house.

“It’s Spring Break!”

Yes, dear, it is. While I’ve not been near as productive as I wanted to be, I’ve gotten a few things done around the house. My daughter, not so much.

Today: “Hey Dad, can ______ come over for supper?”

“But that’s not fair because *insert no listening emoji here*

I suggested she call her mom and make the case there. My wife, the master negotiator, she is, suggested doing some things around the house, and the boy could come over tomorrow.


Thus, she’s proceeds to spend the day in her room.

Natural consequence.

So, tomorrow, I’m guessing that *sigh* *eyeroll* *doorslam* will happen because “it’s not fair.”

And as my father would say: “Life isn’t fair.”

So true! 🙂