Word for today: Technology.

My wife introduced me to a Macintosh computer way back in 1989 (much to her chagrin). As time as gone on, I’ve moved from Macintosh, iMac (orange was awesome), to MacBook, along with an iPhone and iPad. I’ve watched around me as my TV has gone from a 15″ to the 37″ flat screen I have right now. I glanced as TVs last night and I can get a 48″ “smart” TV for less than $400.


Your thermostat can be connected to your smart phone along with so many other pieces of what makes our lives a little easier. So last night, after our movie, we stopped to do a bit of shopping and get our passport pictures taken. As we were walking around, I saw, in my opinion, what makes technology silly.

A crock pot that connects to your smart phone.


Now, I love being all techie and connected, however, at some point, we’ve become a society connected for the sole purpose of being connected. I guess I’ve become that curmudgeonly man who’s thinking, “what a waste of time” at a lot of things, this included. The whole I idea I can start and stop my crock pot with my phone, to me, seems a bit far fetched.

With our students on Facesnapgrambook, more ways that we can use technology is not always a good thing. A wifi-enabled crock pot, probably not something I’m going to spend $50 on!

Who’d guess it would be me saying “slow down” when it comes to technology?? 🙂