Adults dread it.

Students dread it.


I came across this hashtag, #mondaymotivation, that I pull from every Monday. For the most part, this is a great group of posts that deal with the ways we can get over the fact it’s Monday. Effort

I pull this kind of stuff off, print it off, and post it around my room. When typically will have “Monday Writing” time and the students can either write about a personal experience or they can write about the quote. From time to time, I’ll see the quote.

We about about being positive, how our effort is our own, how we need to own our actions and behaviors. I love this kind of stuff because we have to keep it in their minds, to do the right thing. We talk about character and reputation, how it can be built up over time, but it takes one stupid thing to bring it back down.

My students ask me, “How can you be so positive on Monday?” My reply, “How can I not be? I’m here with you, doing something I love. I work in a place that warm, where boys and girls can learn. I’ll go home to my house with electricity, to my wife and daughter, who are treated the same as me. When I wake up, what’s to be grumpy about?” They shake their heads. I smile 🙂

Mondays are my days to show how people can act when they make the choice to be positive. Sure, I’d love to sleep in, wake up slowly, and bum around the house (kind of like today). But in the end, it will be their attitude, their ability to see the positive in all situations, that will help them find jobs, relationships, and more.

And I want them to see, that Mondays are something they should never be afraid of! 🙂

Happy Monday and happy first day of Spring!