Today, I took my lovely wife to see Beauty and the Beast and we were not disappointed.

Apparently, I’m a rare breed, liking both athletics and sports stuff AND musicals because I loved this movie! It said relatively true to the animated movie, with a couple of different songs and a couple of plot wrinkles. But when Lefou began to sing about “Gaston”, Lumiere present “Your dinner”, and when Mrs. Potts sand about “Beauty and the Beast”, how could you not be hooked??

But as I’m watching, I’m drawn to that opening song where Belle sings about her books and everyone else sings about how different she is. How many of our students feel this way, like they don’t fit at all and that everyone is looking at them because *gasp* they are smart?? It stuck me for the first time today, that Belle is every person in our class who’s called a “try hard”, who values their education, who doesn’t relent when it gets hard. They keep going, they keep their head up, and eventually they find their way.

I’m sure I’ll go see this movie again. My youngest daughter will be ticked off that we saw it without her.

And I’ll see it with a new appreciate of Belle’s ability to keep her head up, and the ability of  Cogsworth, Mrs. Potter, and the whole group to keep Belle from giving up on herself and love! 🙂