My word today: endurance.

My endurance will be tested these last weeks of this school year. My foot hasn’t healed and is still sore when I try to run. Plantar fasciitis sucks. I would be on the treadmill right now, but I’m afraid to run, knowing what will take place. It got really warm in a while back, and my bike seemed to work without making my foot hurt. Now, it’s 24 degrees with 6″ of snow on the ground. Ugh.

My mental endurance will be tested as well. This 8th grade class is a tough one. I had half of these kids as sixth graders, and it was a tough year, the most difficult one that I’ve had as an educator. They are a dynamic group of kids, many huge personalities, but they don’t get along, and feel it’s their right to voice opinions whenever and where ever we are. And they aren’t the most positive class, with many of their positive leaders being the quiet ones in the class. Either that, or leaders don’t want to speak up for fear of being targeted  by the ultra negative ones.

I remember that feeling of being utterly worn down, like a smooth piece of wood and I’m beginning to feel it now. I had the outlet of running to get rid of gunk, but because of my foot, that’s outlet has been cut off. It’s cold so I can’t bike. But wow, I can eat. I’m a stress eater, and never good things, so I’ve got the My Fitness app up and running again so I can start tracking my food and my eating.

I may start getting up early and coming to school to lift weights. Or doing yoga at night would be a good thing too. The problem, motivation. My mojo has gotten up and left, and I’m not sure when or even if it’s coming back.

We need to keep a little bit back to finish the race strong, to make sure we can finish. Right now, I’m not sure where I can draw from because I’m pretty tapped out.

Here’s hoping that spring break is a good thing in our district! 🙂