As a teacher, I shamelessly beg and borrow many ideas that I use in class.

(Random note: I just had a student ask me, “Can I write about The Hangover?”  

“Well, probably not as it’s not school appropriate.”  


Really?? )

So, today’s blog is about music, one of topics a student of mine wrote about. As I said in class this was going to be my topic, the question, “What is your favorite song,” popped up. Honestly, I really don’t have a favorite song. My music tastes have exploded as the Internet and streaming music exploded. Before the web showed up, I was a product of my environment, and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica was a favorite of mine. I also loved “Eggman”, by the Beastie Boys, and “Mr. Brownstone” by Guns N Roses.

But as the Internet expanded, so did the ability to find different music! My first encounter with streaming music: iTunes! Back in the day, it was nothing like it is now, just a little icon of “Internet Radio” with SO MANY CHOICES! I got hooked on groups like Sister Hazel (after their one hit), Carbon Leaf, and discovered international musicians like the Buena Vista Social Club, The Afro-Cuban Allstars, and Rubén González. My wife wondered if I’d somehow become Cuban as these were in my CD rotation for a long time!

Then, YouTube showed up, and an explosion of videos and music mashups. I’d found out about a music festival in Poland and found that electronic dance music really fed my soul. Music from the Ultra Music Festival and web sites like Goovelectic just added to my passion about various kinds of music.

And then, this:

This is my go to song whenever I’m down. And then, I found 24 Hours of Happy, a web site where you this song plays an entire day with various people (and Pharrell) doing their best dancing and singing in all kinds of places.

So, what is your favorite kinds of music? Are you old timey country? A little gospel from the South? Like some new age music (have a Yoga radio on my Pandora that’s awesome)? Or, like Bob Segar said, do you like the “old time rock n roll”? Whatever your tastes, share those with your students, your kids, your partner. It’s a little piece of you that gives you an  unique flavor, one that can never be duplicated.

And that’s never a bad thing! 🙂