Yesterday, I was annoyed, irritated, just down right crabby. I just couldn’t see the good in anything that happened, and that’s what I wrote about. Here’s the problem with walking around your little black rain cloud, you forget about the good things.

Yesterday was my 400th blog post. 400 times I’ve clicked on that publish button. 400 times I’ve sat down at my computer, my iPad, or my phone and written about something. It may have been deep and dark, it may have been fun and crazy, but it takes time.

It’s been very cool to see/hear the response to the blog. It’s lead to some guest blog opportunities which is very cool to see. Opening up someone else’s blog, and seeing your writing there, priceless. It’s led to some interesting comments. I’m just as bad as my students, I love to see that someone’s commented on my work!

But best of all, I get the rare email that just makes me smile and want to keep this whole writing thing going. Last week, I got an email from a band teacher about a recent blog post on fine arts. He went on to thank me for my writing, how he’s followed me for several years, and how he’s mentioned my blog to his principal and used it it as his ” ‘book study’ to go”. He concluded by saying: “Keep blogging and I will keep reading.”


So, yesterday, I missed out on #400 because of my own crappy attitude. But, to that band teacher (and I’m emailing him as well), thank you for helping me see through the little black rain cloud to to the blue sky above.

And not to worry, I’ll keep writing. 🙂