My last few slices have been fairly grumpy at best. I’ve not been in a good place, feeling overwhelmed, and just not happy with many things.

However, today, I went back to a quote that a student gave me a while ago:

“Mr. Johnston, are you ever in a bad mood?”

Of course I do, but this really struck me. I’m NOT a naturally positive person (doom and gloomer my wife would say) so it’s a lot of work for me to keep myself positive. I find the quotes that speak to me, I look for the good in everything, and really try to keep myself in a good place.

As my wife and I dealt with a family issue last night, I really noticed I’ve NOT done this at all. My attitude has been crap, I’ve not looked for the good in anything, and felt very dark.

So, today, I got on the treadmill, I enjoyed the company of my wife’s family (always a challenge), and we had a good nap! 🙂

Sometimes, it’s all in how you look at things. No, I can’t guarantee I won’t get dark again, but I do have the tools to keep pushing forward, doing the right thing for my family and my students.