Somehow, I’ve agreed to run 9 miles at the end of July.


The problem with all this, I’m only getting three miles a week right now.


Hitting a 15-K is another stop towards a half marathon. At one point, I’d wanted to run a marathon, but I think that ship has sailed. However, I’m still in that place where I could do something like that, run 13.2 miles. I need to start carving that time out, but where?

One thing I’m going to start doing, going to bed earlier. I’ve been able to run after school, but we are hitting track meet season, meaning I’ll be running all over the place, chasing my daughter around.  If I’m up early, I need to start getting to bed at a more reasonable time.

Another thing, starting to track calories again. When I did that, I lost weight. I’ve gotten out of that habit as well, and my weight has suffered because of it. This in turn, changes my energy level, and stress level. It’s something that I need to control, again.

I will get my race in during Nordic Fest in July. I may not run fast, but I will run. 🙂