Some days, the struggle is real.

We have the day off for Good Friday, so I’ve been moving fairly slow. I’ve gotten to bed late the last few nights, and really felt it last night, so I slept in. Our youngest daughter spent the night at a friend’s house, and calls wondering why the school isn’t open for a 4-H test she needs to take.  Well, if you check your email, you’d know that the school isn’t open because the test is actually at the 4-H office.  Fine, she’s going to go out for breakfast with her friends, to which I ask her to simply call me when she’s about done eating so I can come pick her up.

Well, I get the call well after breakfast is done and she’s waiting at the school.


Because of the snow, I can’t get into my garden at all and will probably not be able to due to various activities going on around here. And I’m probably not going to lose any weight, getting a whole three miles of running in a week!

I know, positive attitude, Darin. Stay focused on the positive. And tomorrow, maybe even tonight (we are going to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2), things will change and I’ll feel better.

But some days, yes, the struggle is real! 🙂