Apparently, I’m a bit slow.

I’ve seen the links for the Slice of Life Challenge, been keeping an eye on how and when this all gets started, looked back at my old posts to see if I could find any to glean from them, but missed the classroom version?


So, I’ve introduced this (in the random, generally unorganized way I do things) to one group of 8th graders and my 6th graders.  My 6th graders, they seem pretty jacked up about the whole thing, and I’ve got 24 out of 26 students who are thinking they can write for 30 days (I missed Day 1).  For my first group of 8th graders, a LOT of questions, but good questions.

I had a couple of ideas on prizes for those who manage 30 days of writing, but someone suggested pizza. Just like with teachers, if you feed students, they will come.  So, my plan (at this point) for those who hit their 30 days, I’m going to make a pizza lunch of some sort happen. That got some buy in from the “umm, I don’t think so” crowd.  We’ll see how many turn in blogs after our writing time.

There are two other hours of 8th graders who I work with, and, if I were to guess, between all three, I may get somewhere between 50% – 60% who start submitting. I’m not making this a mandatory activity and will be reminding them pretty much daily of this.  We’ll see how many will follow through.

Either way, I have students writing, student who often complain about not having the time to do so. If I get one student who follows through to the end of March, that will be a success to me.

And, it will be a lot less expensive buying pizza for one too! 🙂