Good afternoon from a snowy, blustery Northeast Iowa!

For my six readers, this will be a bit of a review, but for those who are new to this blog, it’s all new learning!

My name is Darin, and I’m currently a sixth and eighth grade reading/language arts teacher in Northeast Iowa.

I live on a small acreage with the usual “stuff” around us: cats, dogs, chickens, a few apple trees, a whole lot of deer trying to EAT those apple trees, a couple of brown swiss heifers (my daughters show), and an old pickup truck.  My daughters are both in high school, and are this awesome combination of fine arts geeks (speech, music, band) and athletes (swimmer and runner).  My wife (of almost 22 years) is a professional development specialist for Head Start.  She continually amazes me with how she can push her teachers to do new and different things.  You want a change agent, she is certainly one!

If you come back to this blog, you’ll “hear” me say this a lot: I’m not a writer (that’s my wife), but I like to play one on this blog. I’ve never seen myself as a writer, but yet, how could I not be if I expect this from my students?  Over three hundred posts and countless words later, I’m still going strong.  I babble along about some foolish topics, but it’s mine, and I’m writing. In the end, that’s what matters most.

I’m excited to do the Slice of Life Writing Challenge for a couple of reasons. One, it will truly be a challenge to get 31 blogs posted over the course of this month. I’m not a creative person, and to come up with all those topics is daunting to me. However, it also is something that if I can do, I will consider a major achievement in my writing “career”! 🙂  Two, while 31 blogs in 31 days could be challenge, to share this with my students, that’s the part that will be fun to do.  They’ve seen my blog before as it allows a peek into the life of a teacher. I’m hoping it inspires some of them to write more.

As it is, I hope to enjoy a wealth of writing, visiting other SOL blogs and borrowing their topics (ok, maybe not). I’m hopeful that this will push me deeper into what good writing can be, and that I can translate that into my classroom!