Yup, I’m going to hold myself to this one.  My class is 30 of the more talkative kids I‘ve ever come across.  The tsunami of paperwork that both these kids and the district is creating has me a bit overwhelmed, and both daughters are acting like real true teenagers.  Yes, I need to keep that “Happy Friday” blog post going. 🙂

Today, it’s about being a connected educator. Sorry, it’s not that original, but I’ve been part of two different chats about being connected and in both, so many people commented about the power of their PLN, how their world has both shrunk and flattened because the their connectivity, and how their teaching has been jumpstarted too.  Many talked about being able to share with parents, community, and the general public the positives of their school, crafting the story they wanted to share and having control over it.  And more talked about the wealth of educational resources that are constantly shared, explored, and commented on.  Whew!! All of these are awesome reasons for getting yourself out of your classroom and growing it outside the walls of your school.

For me, today, it’s about picking me up.  I was up at 4:30 to get my wife and daughter ready to get to swim practice, a 30 minute drive.  I posted a simple “Happy Friday” tweet because I find it uplifting myself to spread that around, to let people know that today will be a great day.  Personally, I’m tired, bone tired from running like a mad man all over the countryside.  This week has been parent meeting, science meeting/cross country meet, parent meet, dentist appointment, so I’ve had zero after school time to get things done.  But, why dwell on that when you can be a positive light for someone who may need it right?  So I tweeted out, and within a couple of minutes, I get tweets back wishing me the same “happy Friday”.

I don’t know, today of all days, it just struck me that we talk to our students about how their words carry power, so do ours!  Imagine if each connected educator would post just one positive tweet, one positive blog post, on a certain day, how much positive energy would that be?  How many people, people like me who might just need a pick me, would see those can go, “Yup, I can do this.” (Another tweet back as I’m writing!)

Some days it’s not about the curriculum, it’s not about the paperwork, the horrid mess that is my room.  Nope, it’s about helping those around us, picking them up and them know “hey, you got this”, so that together, you can help create something incredible.  It may be someone down the hallway you smile to or it may be that teacher in Arkansas, Illinois, Texas, Toronto, or even Iowa who spots something and smiles.  Right there, it’s all worth it, don’t you think? 🙂

So, my “happy thought” for this Friday about being connected!  If you aren’t that much so, get out there, find your niche and share your voice!  The more of us who are connected, the more our collective voices can be heard! 🙂

Don’t worry, I’ll be doom and gloom next week, just wait and see! 🙂