I really had to struggle with this today.  This has not been a good week for me personally or professionally and the positive vibe that I’ve worked on to create is in danger of crumbling.  My kids are going every which way and our family just isn’t connected right now.  At work, I’m not sure of where we are at, but we have so many irons in the fire that I’m afraid of burning out.  And to top it all off, I heard the “s-word” (snow) used in a sentence today.

While I’m grasping at straws, I’ve hooked into that this as my positive: my co-workers, the teachers I’ve worked with for the past 18 years.  Now, every teacher is going to say they work with the best staff in the country, I’m no different.  I think the difference between many teachers and myself, the amount of years we’ve worked together.  As someone who’s been here 18 years, I’m still kind of a “young blood” compared to a number of teachers in our hallway.  In some ways, I know it hurts us, but in many ways, it brings us closer together.  No district that I’ve ever taught in has had the kind kinships that we have here.  Nor do they have emergency B.A.R. meetings on Friday afternoons after school and emergency T.I.N.A. meetings too!  While we’ve lost some of our sense of humor because of the situation we are in, there are too many times where teachers will stop to talk and laughter can be heard up and down our hallways.  It’s relationships like this, where we aren’t afraid to say what we need because we are a family, that make coming to work a job.  And if we can feel this way, you know the students can feel that too.  Like the time we “kidnapped” the fifth grade teacher’s stuffed fish, then emailed the teacher. posing as the kidnappers, asking for a ransom of chocolate and sticky notes.  Or the other time where items of a teacher were all hot glued down to her desk.  Or the other time where a teacher’s desk was wrapped up like a big Christmas present!  The kids see these things and first wonder, “Did my teacher forget their medication”, but then think, “If they can have this much fun in school, why can’t I?”

But most of all, they inspire me.  The work they put in, the hours, all for our community of learners.  They don’t have to do this, but they do, because it’s what they do.  I’ve been so lucky to have these wonderful men and women in my life for such a long time now, it’s hard to imagine teaching without the personalities I’ve come to know and care about so much.

So, look at your staff, your co-workers.  If they aren’t part of your extended family why not?  There might be some awesome crazy that you are missing out.  Or even worse yet, a friend you’ve not really had the chance to find!

There’s my Happy Friday Thought. All though we are going through some monster changes, it’s all about the relationships isn’t it? 🙂