The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all


October 2014

My Happy Thought – October 31

No negative thoughts.  No mention of them as I have a beautiful wife, daughters, a solid job, solid home, and so many other things in my favor right now. My happy thought for the day: Halloween! Yup, as a teacher,... Continue Reading →

So, Wait…..What?

I've had a couple of encounters with students that have left me scratching my head thinking, "How has this behavior ever been allowed??"  Both stem from respect, something we talk about a lot in our classroom: respect for ourselves, respect... Continue Reading →

My Happy Thought – October 27

Yeah, I missed Friday.  My wife had a couple of appointments in which she needed a driver.  Nothing major by any means, but I was with her, a nice feeling in itself. And honestly, I've been struggling.  Now, I've said... Continue Reading →

My Happy Thought – October 18

This week has been another difficult week,  a week where I've walked out wondering how a 19 year veteran teacher can constantly feel like a first year teacher.  Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but we've come... Continue Reading →

“We Are On A Special Kind of Team”

Last night, my wife and I got to watch our daughters sing as part of our conference vocal music festival.  If you don't know what this is, imagine five high school music programs all singing together as one with a... Continue Reading →

My Happy Thought – October 10

My happy thoughts: my wife and daughters. All three are beautiful both inside and out. All three have talents which put me in awe. All three make me smile. All three make me want to be a better husband, better... Continue Reading →

One Day – Two Tales

Started on Monday night, finished Tuesday morning: I'm playing hooky right now as I should be reading some writing prompts and blogs, but really want to write tonight, so here I am. Like the title says, it's been a day with... Continue Reading →

My Happy Friday Thought – October 3

I really had to struggle with this today.  This has not been a good week for me personally or professionally and the positive vibe that I've worked on to create is in danger of crumbling.  My kids are going every which... Continue Reading →

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